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Remake. Rebuild. Restore.
   Your Life On Purpose!

With Purpose Coach

Award Winning Speaker

TV Host & Producer


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Creator of 

 Are You Ready To Connect With Purpose?

       That feeling of emptiness & unfulfillment

                  that won't leave you alone

                   is your PURPOSE calling....

Have you just been going through the motions while feeling like your life should be

better and more fulfilling? What about that desire to do something greater for this

world and for others along with that urge to launch your purpose project or business? That idea that you're sitting on and that feeling that you keep pushing away is purpose pulling you... WILL YOU ANSER THE CALL?

I'm Earlene Camielle and i was born to help you set your purpose ablaze and finally

give birth to the life you desire. Let's launch your purpose together. 

Find Your Purpose in 90 Days 
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You Already Have Everything You
To Fulfill Your Purpose.


I've played it safe most of my life, championing 

a great career as a project manager, leadership

& operational expert and marketing professional

in the corporate world. I found great success

but was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled. The desire

for a more rewarding and fulfilling life along with

finding freedom from past trauma led me to rebuilding

& restoring my life and discovering purpose. That

journey evolved into a new acting, blogging and media career which led to the creation of JourneyTV, a talk

show that  shares the life stories of people who have turned their greatest pain into passion and purpose,

and Casting Call Bahamas, a casting agency that

exposes local talent to international opportunities.  

I've also produced for local and international

Directors and Producers, working with them

on international TV shows, documentaries

and major TV campaigns. This further

led me to be an international speaker

and Purpose Coach.  All of this

happened because I was ready

to bet on myself and made a

firm decision to work on and for a

better, more fulfilling life. I took

control of my own happiness, pulled

into my faith and my gifts made

room for me. 

As a purpose coach, I can help you remake, rebuild

and restore your life on purpose & with purpose.

Let's connect and talk about your purpose filled life!

      I'm Earlene Camielle
Purpose Coach, Speaker, Producer & TV Host

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Changed My Life


Here's How My Gifts Made Room for Me


Lead Actress

While on the journey of discovering true identity in 2017, the opportunity for the lead role in a stage

play came, I took it and got the role. This turned

into a professional acting career.


Casting Director

My acting roles lead to strong relationships

with directors, producers and marketing firms

that eventually asked me to hire talent because

of my network connections. This lead to the

creation of my casting agency, Casting Call

Bahamas in 2018.


TV & Film Producer

After being fully restored, I was ready to share

my story, this lead to the release of Footprints

blog which turned into a web series that was

picked up by local stations in The Bahamas

and the Caribbean. My first tv show, JourneyTV

was born and more opportunities for producing

came as a result of local and international directors and producers requesting to work with me. 

TV Host


Along with creating and producing my talk show,

I performed as the host as well which lead to other                           guest tv hosting opportunities. 


Global Speaker

My success in media along with my motivational & inspirational content on social media naturally

brought in local speaking opportunities which lead

to global opportunities as well.

TV Host & Speaker

      Producer & Casting Director 

Purpose Coaching & Other Services

Purpose has led me to become a media expert, award wining speaker and Life Purpose Coach. In going through my own successful journey of finding purpose and becoming a certified Life Purpose Coach, I find great fulfillment in ushering others into giving birth to their purpose while offering the services that purpose has allowed me to birth.

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Life Purpose Coach

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      TV Producer

 & Casting Director

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          TV Host

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Let's Connect!

for coaching, speaking and media opportunities

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​                 Tel: 242 801 7044

Let's Ignite Your Purpose Together!

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