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              It's time to build your own vision..
         Your Purpose Is Calling You!

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Purposed & Called


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                                      5 Ways Living On Purpose Benefits You:
                       1. Your life will feel more meaningful and you will have a strog sense of fulfillment 
 2. You will live & walk in true identity daily.
             3. Your natural gifts & positive desires will be used to make
room for you and lead to success
                              4. Opportunities to build your community, family and friends will be endless.
 5. You will secure a legacy, that will impact the generations connected to you.


           Our 12 Week Program

                    'Purposed For The Call'

   Will Guide You To:

1. Gain clarity and direction on your purpose

2. Discover your natural gifts, behaviors and desires that align with purpose

3. Engage self awareness & accountability to secure purpose

4. Learn how to make

your gifts make 

room for you